After 3 years, I’ve finally come around to giving Special Delivery a web presence. I’ll be documenting the work, experiences, and writings pertaining to the Special Delivery exchange here.

As I work to document the work from this year’s exchange, I hope you’ll take the time to read about some pieces from the previous year’s exchange. Audrey Tran is an artist, writer, Special Delivery participant, and dear friend who has been writing about her experiences with mail art as the exchange has developed over the past 3 years.

Please enjoy Audrey’s thoughts on the works of Jennifer Gustavson, Nicole KuprienkoKerry Flaherty, and Nickalous Typaldos on Fanzine. Also have a look at her most recent writing on Jason Martin‘s contribution to Special Delivery over at The Hollow Earth Society.

While you’re in the reading mood, also swing by Audrey’s blog, Artful Green Dot, where she ponders society’s awareness of, impact on, feelings toward the Green Movement and art’s involvement in the movement and environmentalism in general.

(Image: 1/27th of a Love Letter, Jennifer Gustavson – Image Credit: Audrey Tran)

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